Your Face Tells All – Kasvosi kertovat DVD

kesto 102 min


Erik Kanto’s lecture about face reading

Beautiful flute music guides you to the very start of the lecture. Erik Kanto has been hosting the Ultrapäivät in Kuortane for many years.

DVD info:
Erik Kanto, co-author of the best-selling book “Your Face Tells All,” is a Los Angeles-based writer, journalist and producer, as well as a well-known expert in face reading. Because of his work with top talents in the entertainment industry, he has chosen some of his photos of Hollywood celebrities as examples of the most intriguing features in the faces. His fascinating and entertaining lectures on physiognomy are engaging audiences all around the world.

“Who is the best mate for me? Will I be rich? Will I have a long healthy life? A happy marriage? Do I have the potential to become a famous actor or a Nobel Prize-winning scientist? These are the questions we all have in mind-and the answers are written all over our face.”

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Ultra-lehti, Salojärventie 36, 17950 KYLÄMÄ 
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